Furna Vaporizer Review: Swappable Ovens, Maximum Portability

Furna Vaporizer Review: Swappable Ovens, Maximum Portability

The quality and variety of premium dry herb vaporizers has exploded in recent years, and the options available today mean it’s a golden age for vapers, with outstanding innovations in portability, temperature control, vapor quality, and battery life.


But not all vapes are created equal, and only a few rise to the top in terms of offering premium performance. The Davinci IQ2, Pax 3, and Crafty+ have been some of the best options on the market so far, and they continue to deliver. But there’s always room for improvement in terms of price, features, and accessories. Enter a new contender for the title: Furna, a vape from the Canadian tech hub of Waterloo, one of North America’s innovation centres.


Delta Extrax


Furna’s most notable difference from other vapes are its “swappable” ovens. Most vaporizers, including those three top vapes, only have one oven, which you have to clean and refill in between sessions. With Furna, you get multiple ovens, letting you load up more than one at a time. This means you can prepare in advance if you think you’ll want an extra session ready to go, instead of having to find a convenient spot to reload when you’re on the go. With an extra oven on hand, you can instantly swap a used oven for a fresh one without having to reload or do any cleaning. It’s a pretty versatile and clever feature.


The Furna also ticks all the boxes on the fundamentals. Its efficient airflow really allows the flavors and subtle details of delicate strains to shine through. It has an impressive battery life, blazing-fast heat-up time, and long-lasting charge capacity. It’s also portable and discreet, and great at keeping odour to minimal levels. Let’s dig into the details.


Ovens and Capacity


The oven size is 0.23g, and the temperature range is 320-420 °F, about on par with the others on the market. It only takes 20-30 seconds to heat up to a target temperature, which is just as fast as the Pax, and faster than the IQ2.


Two dry herb ovens are included with the Furna, and you can buy extra ones if you want. The concentrate ovens are specifically designed for wax and other concentrates, so there’s no messing around with inserts or add-ons like the other vapes. The swappable ovens are a very convenient feature, especially if you like to use your vape on the go. This way, you can plan ahead before leaving the house, and get a few ovens ready to go for whenever you need them.


When you finish vaping the herb in one oven, you can instantly swap it for another one that’s fresh and ready to go. There’s no waiting for an oven to cool down so you can empty it out, and then reload it. If you want to switch strains or just jump from concentrate to dry herb, it’s just as easy.  This makes it very convenient if you don’t have an easy or discreet place to clean out and reload your vape oven, or are doing an outdoor activity like hiking.



Vapor quality


A satisfyingly clean inhale, one that brings out every nuance of your herb’s flavour. It resembles the IQ2 in this way, and it doesn’t add any strange plastic or metallic flavours to the mix and delivers great tasting vapor.


Build and Style


The construction of this thing is solid. It has a satisfying heft to it and the materials are high-quality, but it’s still lightweight enough to feel very portable. It’s got an elegant, minimal look, understated and discreet. The engineering feels top-notch and it seems like it will hold up well to repeated use.


One thing I really like is the satisfying “locking” feeling whenever you pop in an oven. When the vape is in your pocket, you can flip the oven around so that the mouthpiece opening faces towards the inside of the vape. This way the vape becomes a solid rectangle with no entry points for debris, which is perfect for keeping the mouthpiece clean. It might seem like a small thing, but it’s nice not having to worry about sucking in a piece of lint when you take a fresh draw.




Furna has two buttons, one on the side of the unit, and one on the bottom. It also features a large display allowing you to easily scroll through menu options and change settings. Each oven gets it a unique symbol when you use it for the first time, but you can always change it in the menu. Combined with the colored nibs, it helps you keep track of which strain is in which oven or which ones are already spent.


Vaping concentrates


Furna isn’t the first vape to let you use both dry herb and concentrate, but it’s the first that doesn’t make it a huge pain. No inserts and no hot parts – you just buy the concentrate oven and you’re good to go. Their oven is specifically made for concentrates, featuring a high-quality ceramic heating element and glass bowl. There isn’t an exposed coil, so you can enjoy flavourful hits without getting a metallic aftertaste.



Battery life


Furna’s battery life is excellent, with a single charge lasting for over 20 sessions, more than other high-end dry herb vapes. Charging it from zero takes a while, but that makes sense with a battery of this capacity, and the charging time is at least as good as the fastest-charging premium vapes on the market..



Ease of cleaning


When cleaning a Furna oven in between sessions, just wait for it to cool down, then use the included brush to clear out the herb. Then it’s ready to be reloaded. Deeper cleans are only necessary once in a while, whenever you begin to see residue building up.


It’s pretty simple and painless. You just use the scraper hidden in the tamper to clean out the bowl, and push out the parts of the vapor path. Drop the mouthpiece and vapor path parts in a bit of isopropyl alcohol, give them a little brush and you’re done. Make sure you leave it to dry completely before using it again.




Final verdict


The Furna is a cutting-edge new product that immediately ranks among the best premium vapes. The oven size might be a bit small for a massive session or sharing with friends, but the ability to pack extra ovens or different strains in advance more than compensates for that and the concentrate oven is probably one of the best additions for me. It hasn’t yet faced the test of time, but the design and build quality seem top-notch, and it also seems very durable. But it’s the swappable ovens that make the Furna really stand out to me, making it a flexible vape that’s more convenient and portable than any other on the market today.


With this combination of strengths and features, Furna might eventually top everyone’s list. It’s just beginning to make a name for itself, but might represent the next stage in vape evolution.

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