France Legalizes Medical Cannabis

On Friday France took a huge step in reforming their cannabis polices by passing a measure which legalizes medical products containing cannabis or its derivatives,MMMA LEAF AND SYMBOL_full such as cannabis teas, sprays (such as Sativex) and capsules, all of which can contain actual cannabis, not just synthetic alternatives such as Marinol, which is legal in the U.S.. Although the measure isn’t perfect and doesn’t specifically authorize the sell of dried cannabis flower, it’s still a significant leap forward.

According to the measure’s text, the purpose is “to enable the issuance of an authorization for placing on the market of medicinal products containing cannabis or its derivatives”, and the country shall not “prohibited manufacturing operations, transportation, import, export, possession, supply, transfer, acquisition or employment, when they relate to pharmaceutical preparations containing [cannabis]”.

The proposal permits the National Security Agency of Medicines and Health Products (MSNA) to consider applications for medical products containing cannabis, and authorizes physicians to prescribe them.

This victory comes after years of activists fighting to give those who can benefit from it the right to use cannabis.


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