New Poll: 85% of Americans Support Legal Medical Marijuana

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New Poll: 85% of Americans Support Legal Medical Marijuana

Fox News has released new polling today which finds that a drastic majority of Americans – 85% – support a patients legal right to use medical marijuana, if prescribemedical-marijuana-630d by a physician, with only 13% in opposition. This poll finds that support for medical marijuana is, by far, at an all-time high.

In what may be surprising to some, the poll – which was conducted by Anderson Robbins Research and Shaw & Company Research – found that 80% of Republicans support legal medical marijuana, showing, without question, that this is not a bipartisan niche issue, but is something that nearly 9 out of every 10 Americans support.

The polling found that 47% of respondents believe that those who use medical marijuana do so just to get high, and not for medical purposes – however, this clearly didn’t stop the vast majority of these people from supporting its legality for medical purposes.

The polling also asked the question of which people found to be more dangerous: Driving after smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol, or both. Only 4% felt that it was more dangerous to consume marijuana, with 51% saying it’s more dangerous to drive after drinking alcohol – 43% said both, or that they didn’t know.

Getting 85% of Americans to support anything, better yet legalizing a medicine that carries such heavy propaganda and stigma, is incredible. With even 80% of Republicans being in support, how long can our government continue its heavy-handed, archaic approach?

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