Former DEA Chiefs: It’s “Outrageous” Federal Lawsuits Haven’t Been Filed Against Colorado and Washington

Former DEA heads are getting worried.

In a joint statement being released today, 8 former DEA chiefs are urging President Obama to sue Colorado and Washington to overturn their recent initiatives to legalize the retail sale of cannabis to adults.

In the statement, which was received early by the Associated Press, the group says that the longer they wait, the harder it’ll be for the government to stop these measures. They say that not acting swiftly could create “a domino effect” in which other states will follow.

As a spokesman for the group, former DEA chief Peter Bensinger told the Associated Press it’s “outrageous that a lawsuit hasn’t been filed in federal court yet.”

Both Colorado and Washington are in the process of creating regulations for cannabis retail outlets. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has recently stated that the government’s decision will come “soon” on how they plan to react.

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4 thoughts on “Former DEA Chiefs: It’s “Outrageous” Federal Lawsuits Haven’t Been Filed Against Colorado and Washington”

  1. The Federal Government should look at some of the marijuana statistics. In states that have legalized marijuana (medical use) Auto accidents have gone down by a significant percentage (9% or more). This plant also mitigates many health conditions and can be used to make a multitude of items that are currently made out of fossil fuels and corn.

    If the government really wants to help the economy, they should allow this harmless plant to help make them a lot of money.

  2. I hope they do follow suite. Why, if the people voted to leagalize something, should the government step in and sue. A orginism at war with itself will enevitably destroy itself.


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