Florida Senate Overwhelmingly Passes Medical Cannabis Bill

Florida’s Senate, with a 36 to 3 vote, has approved Senate Bill 1030, a measure to legalize medical cannabis extracts such as oil and tincture. A companion measure has been approvedflorida by the House Appropriations and Judiciary Committees.

If approved into law, Senate Bill 1030, and its companion measure House Bill 843, would allow those in the state who receive a recommendation from a physician to legally possess and use low-THC cannabis extracts for medical purposes. If the full House signs on to the change, which they’re expected to do, the measure will go before Governor Rick Scott, who can either sign the bill into law, allow it to become law without his signature, or veto it.

“We have evidence of benefits,” says Representative Cary Pigman, an emergency room physician who’s a sponsor of the measure in the House. “We have no evidence of harm.”

House Bill 843 also includes a $1 million study on the benefits of cannabis in treating seizures.


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