Florida Governor Signs Medical Cannabis Bill Into Law

floridaFlorida Governor Rick Scott has officially signed House Bill 307 – the Right to Try Act – into law. The measure allows those with terminal illnesses who receive a recommendation from a physician to use cannabis for medical purposes. The proposal explicitly allows for the use of the whole cannabis plant, and not exclusively cannabis oil, and establishes a system of dispensaries to distribute the medicine.

The bill was passed by the state’s House of Representatives with an overwhelming 99 to 17 vote on March 3rd, which was quickly followed by a 28 to 11 vote in the state’s Senate on March 7th. Governor Scott signed the measure into law on March 24th.

The full text of House Bill 307 – which takes effect immediately – can be found by clicking here.

6 thoughts on “Florida Governor Signs Medical Cannabis Bill Into Law”

  1. Stupid government trying to regulate a harmless plant. Funny people in Florida and everywhere are going to smoke no matter what our stupid government says!! They have been telling us this is a dangerous substance for almost 70 years before that they forced people to grow hemp!! Hemp is the real reason we were told it was bad. Every big company benefits if this plant is illegal!! Timber oil Pharmaceuticals (you know the government). The government loses money with weed well not so much anymore now they say its ok in some places and in other only some can use it but with a hefty tax or a fee to the government!!! The government does not represent the people!! The government is a Corporation ran by other corporations

  2. The bill is just to circumvent the real medical marijuana ballot initiative.

    The politicians and haters will be screaming “we already have medical marijuana” when this bill is for “low THC cannabis” under 0.8%, less than one percent THC is a CBD plant, in other words a CBD bill, only for terminal cancer patients, no meds for babies with seizures.

    Politicians are just trying to stay in control of a harmless substance. Disgusting jerks.

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