Florida Advocates Begin Collecting Signatures on Initiative to Legalize Cannabis

floridainitiativeAdvocates of a Florida initiative to legalize the possession, personal cultivation and distribution of cannabis by reclassifying it as a dietary supplement have begun collecting signatures with the goal of putting the measure to a vote next year.

The Cannabis as a Dietary Supplement for Personal and Medical Use; Funding for Teacher Salaries Act, put forth by the Florida Organization of Reform, would allow those 21 and older to possess up to three ounces of cannabis, and cultivate up to ten cannabis plants. Cannabis retail outlets would also be allowed, with the Department of Business handling licensing, and with a majority if the taxes going to fund teacher salaries.

Proponents of the initiative must now collect 683,000 valid signatures – meaning they’re from registered Florida voters – to put the proposal to a vote during the November, 2016 presidential election.


13 thoughts on “Florida Advocates Begin Collecting Signatures on Initiative to Legalize Cannabis”

  1. I was in contact with a lady at USF Tampa campus and I was going to volunteer to help with petitions,but unfortunately I lost information.so I was wondering if anyone has any idea about the event at the usf campus that was sapose to be held in September? Thanks

  2. hey Floridians keep up the good work. We the people in Colorado started the ball rolling. Hey Paul if u have fb check out and like our page weed dynasty biotechnology. We offer all kinds of legal services where legal including building grow units to order, we will be leasing units in the future, seed bank, seminars, instructional seminars on all phases and classes on most things that deal with growing, nutrients, lighting (also have great deals on LED 1600 and 1200 watt units) extraction and infusing. Come check us out and give us a like ty. happy 420………….

  3. What we need is a new amendment that reads some thing such as. Effective on January 1, 2017 all Florida Laws and Encumberments as to the adult

    importation, possession cultivation and all uses of Cannabis will be null and void. It will be moved to a unarmed regulatory agency of

    Agriculture Department, where Medical Cannabis shall be tax exempt and a non punitive tax of no more than 7% for both wholesale and retail sales

    in addition to State Sales Tax

  4. I have 3 fb pages raning from 1.6 million to 20K I can spread information fast pleast let me know how I can help im in FL, how can I help collect signitures.

  5. Thanks for covering us! We are gearing up to hit colleges and social media waves to get the word out. I am commenting also to note that it the language states 10 Flowering plants. One is not limited to 10 plants total, as in both the vegetative and flowering stage. A home-grower could potentially have more than 10 plants but only 10 of them are allowed to flower at a time.

    • I have 3 facebook pages ranging from 1.6 million to 20K full of Florida voters, let me know how I can help spread information ive been apart of this movement in north florida since I moved back from cali and started having PTSD problems again because no access to medical marijuana. ANYTHING I can do to help please let me know


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