Five Amazing Pre-Rolls You Should Always Have On Hand

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Five Amazing Pre-Rolls You Should Always Have On Hand

Ah, pre-rolls. Considered by some cannabis enthusiasts to be the redheaded stepchild of weed products, theirs is a heavy load to bear. Everyone says the same thing: Why not just roll your own? Why buy something that’s full of shake and stems?

NOT TRUE. Well, mostly. Pre-rolls aren’t full of stems. That’s a myth. They do have shake in them, but shake isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Shake is only as good or bad as the flower it falls from. And shake itself is only pieces of buds – not stems and seeds. So relax: There are plenty of great pre-rolls.

Pre-rolls are great for people who:

  1. Because of illness, don’t have the manual dexterity or flexibility to roll their own
  2. Want access to a joint right now but can’t afford an entire eighth or don’t have the time and energy to roll themselves
  3. Don’t mind smoking perfectly good cannabis that happens to be machine-rolled

Pre-rolls are, in a word, great. And they’re not all machine-rolled! If you want a hand-rolled joint or blunt delivered to your door, there’s no better way than logging onto your favorite online dispensary and ordering some pre-rolls. They’re just one of many amazing ways to enjoy cannabis. Here are our five favorites:

Delta Extrax

Citrus Dream Sativa. This energetic, uplifting sativa dominant strain has equally energetic and potent citrus flavors along with vanilla notes in the aroma. Citrus Dream is an award-winning flower that can – seemingly miraculously – reduce pain while increasing energy. Don’t smoke too much of this one, as the energetic effect is overwhelmed by the pain-relieving effect and might glue you to the couch. But Citrus Dream’s high also has a strong euphoric component, lifting your mood and lightening your worries. Get ready for a strong head rush at the beginning of this high, followed by a feeling of warmth and wellness.

Blueberry Skunk Indica. It won’t come as a shock that Blueberry Skunk has a strong blueberry flavor and aroma with an earthy, skunky musk. What might surprise you is the euphoria that stays with you for so long you’ll think you accidentally ate a bag of edibles (OK, it might not be quite that powerful, but you get the point). B-Skunk is another good strain for increasing appetite, so it might not be the best strain for those on a diet.

Tangie Sativa. Another award winner, Tangie has a noble heirloom lineage that links it to Citrus Dream. It shares a strong citrus flavor with its cousin strain, redolent of clementines and tangerines. Great for those with digestive issues or depression and anxiety, Tangie boosts your appetites for both physical and emotional nourishment. Its high will lift your spirits, boost creativity, lighten your mood and heighten the happy parts of your day. Keep in mind, though: This is an advanced strain for journeyman pot smokers, and may hit novices a little hard.

OG Kush Mini Fuzzies. These pack a punch. Ultra-potent pre-rolls infused with wax and rolled in kief, these help slow down the world around you on days when you feel like you can’t keep up. OG Kush Mini Fuzzies are great for relaxation, so use these to accompany a day of movie theater hopping or binge-watching at home. They’ll dehydrate you a bit more than most pre-rolls, though, so keep a bottle of water handy.

Strawberry Cake. A 70 percent indica-dominant hybrid, Strawberry Cake carries with it a powerful sweetness in both flavor and scent. Don’t let the indica scare you – this strain boosts creativity and won’t knock you out when used in moderation. Also great for relieving arthritis and muscle pain.


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