First Recreational Cannabis Retail Outlet in Washington State to Open July 1st

Washington State’s first-ever legal recreational cannabis outlet will open on July 1st in Spokane.cannabisplant

Sean Green, owner of Kouchlock Productions (a company which currently operates a medical cannabis dispensary in Shoreline and Spokane), was the first person to receive a license to produce and process recreational cannabis, which he began in March. An individual named Scott O’Neil will team with Green, and will operate as the owner of the new outlet which will fall under the banner of Kouchlock Productions and will open on July 1st; it will be located at Francis and Napa.

“It’s history in the making”, says O’Neil, who’s been contacting every licensed cannabis producer in the state – there are currently 35 – in order to help his company meet the demand of what will surely be an overwhelming opening, as people line up to be one of the first in the state to purchase recreational cannabis legally.

The price of the cannabis has yet to be determined. Numerous other cannabis retail outlets are expected to open throughout the state in the following weeks.


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  1. He has not contacted everyone. Lol good luck to all of you out there. Wish all 502 great success and hope medical remains safe for patients everywhere.


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