Federal Respect State Cannabis Laws Act Filed in U.S. Congress

Federal Respect State Cannabis Laws Act Filed in U.S. Congress

A bipartisancannamerflag group of lawmakers introduced legislation Wednesday that would prohibit the government from prosecuting individuals or businesses for cannabis-related crimes if they’re in compliance with their state’s cannabis laws.

The Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2015 (House Resolution 1940) was introduced Wednesday with Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) as the primary sponsor. Five other Republicans, and six Democrats, have signed on as cosponsors of the bill.

“The American people, through the 35 states that have liberalized laws banning either medical marijuana, marijuana in general, or cannabinoid oils, have made it clear that federal enforcers should stay out of their personal lives,” says Representative Rohrabacher. “It’s time for restraint of the federal government’s over-aggressive weed warriors.”

House Resolution 1940 would amend the federal Controlled Substances Act to make a specific exception to federal law for states that have legalized the substance.

According to polling released last week by the Pew Research Center, 53% of Americans support legalizing cannabis.



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  • Angelique
    April 23, 2015

    I think you should let Adults decide what is and isn’t allowed in their own bodies. I think if you can legalize things like alcohol that can kill you if you consume to much or give you liver disease over time,then you need to legalize cannabis which has never killed someone and helps people with physical and mental health needs. I feel it should be legalized for both medical and recreational use!

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