Facebook Tells DEA to Stop Creating Fake Accounts

Facebook recently sent a firmly written letter to the Drug Enforcementfb Administration (DEA) demanding that they stop creating fake accounts meant to trick and capture potential drug users and distributors.

The letter comes shortly after it was revealed that the DEA used a real woman’s identity – even using photos of her family obtained from her cell phone make the account seem legit – in order to catch individuals attempting to sell illegal substances. The woman was eventually wrongfully arrested and charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute; she’s now suing the agency.

The letter, which is signed off by Facebook’s Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan, says that Facebook is “deeply troubled” by what happened. He argues that the terms of their policies were violated, and that such actions threaten their integrity, and their users’ trust.

The full letter can be viewed by clicking here.


3 thoughts on “Facebook Tells DEA to Stop Creating Fake Accounts”

  1. It really carries negative connotations that they have to be fake! Legalization is gaining victories everyday. Kudos to Mike Whiter in Philadelphia, a vet who is a medical user, fighting the civil penaties of cannabis use. Thank u Mike. You have courage to “come out.”. If we can drink alcohol in public, we should be able to have a place to smoke with our friends. Coffee shops unite to have bud in your stores.


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