Excellent Tips on How to Use Dry Herb Vaporizers

We know that it’s kind of a revolution with these vaporizers when it comes to cannabis, be it medicinally or recreationally. It’s completely different now. There are no health risks like you’d have with smoking. And because we’re talking about nowadays technology, the vaporizers are more portable and even affordable – more than they used to be in the past. Find the best dry herb vaporizer for weed here.

Use fresh herbs…

…but not freshly harvested, but one that’s well cured, of a high-quality bud, not the bud that’s dried out.

The whole process of vaporizing takes into account the moisture – it’s about a heating substance until the compounds from it start to boil and form a vapor, which is inhaled like smoke. This is why fresh herb should be used, as they’re going to have higher moisture concentrations.

You need to remember that the ones that you load into your chamber should not be too wet. Not too dry, either. What you should do is touch them to see how they are.

Grind them properly

Once you’ve seen that the weed is good for vaping, it’s time to grind it – it will increase the surface area of it. It will also let the heat from the vaporizer to get to the matter of the plant and produce a tasty vapor.

When it comes to vaping the dry herbs, it’s best to get an even medium grind. For the best results, get an electric herb grinder or do it by your hand, as you usually do.

Check the temperature

This is the crucial aspect of vaping – you should get the temperature setting right every session, be it dry herbs or concentrates. But this is not an easy thing to do. As a general rule, you should vape at a temperature of 180-210°C (or 356-410°F).But you can always experiment to make sure you find the ideal setting for you.

The cannabis can vaporize at different temperatures, and it depends on the moisture content of your bud or on the texture of your grind – this shows how well your weed will vaporize. Many people did experiments and they realized that, if you vape at different temperatures, you’ll get different effects. For instance, at a lower temperature, users will get a clear-headed and functional vape, but at a higher temperature, users will get strong relaxation and euphoria.

You should pack them tight. But not too tight

The way you pack your vape chamber can influence the experience. You’ll want to pack your chamber with enough herb in order to get a good quantity of vapor, but all of these without excessing the limits.

Also, you might want to avoid overpacking, because it can have an impact on the flow of the vapor that goes from the chamber to the mouthpiece. In some cases, overpacking will damage the inside of your vape.

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