Even in Wisconsin, a Majority Supports Cannabis Legalization

Even in Wisconsin, a Majority Supports Cannabis Legalization

A new Marquette University Law School Poll has found that 50% of those in Wisconsin are in support of legalizing recreational cannabis, with only 44% opposed to such a move. wisconsinThis is the first poll to ever find that more Wisconsins support cannabis legalization than don’t, and flies in contrast to what many state lawmakers said during the last legislative session, claiming that the state’s voters “aren’t ready” for legalization.

Despite such strong support for recreational legalization in a state known for being politically conservative, advocates are continuing to fight for bringing medical cannabis to their state; last session a proposal to legalize cannabis for medical purposes stalled in committee, but the sponsors of the measure will be filing a new measure in the upcoming legislative session.

Those in Wisconsin should take this opportunity to contact their lawmakers – which they can look up by clicking here – to urge them to support the legalization of cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes.


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