Enough Signatures Submitted to Put Legalization to a Vote in Saginaw and Grosse Pointe, Michigan

Activists submitted approximately 3,800 signatures today to put an initiative to legalize cannabis to a vote this November in Saginawsaginawgrossepointe, Michigan, nearly twice the required amount of 2,000. Also today, proponents of a similar initiative submitted roughly 600 signatures to put their proposal to a vote in Grosse Point, Michigan, over 100 more than the required 493.

“We hope it deals a death blow to the prohibition of cannabis,” says Cary Justice, who led┬áthe initiative┬ádrive in Saginaw.

Once enough of the signatures are verified to be valid (from registered Saginaw and Grosse Point voters), the proposals will be officially placed on the November 5th ballot. If approved in law by voters, the initiatives would legalize the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis.

“I believe we have our numbers with a buffer,” says Justice. “Once the people get a chance to vote, they’re going to vote it in.”

Earlier this month a cannabis legalization initiative was officially placed on this year’s general election ballot in Berkley, Michigan, after the city verified that enough valid signatures were submitted.

– TheJoint

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  1. While unlimited would be awesome, you need to understand that cannabis legalization has to occur in baby steps. You will NEVER have cannabis legalized in any state if you go out swinging demanding unlimited weed, no taxes, and everything else you can imagine. We HAVE to start with small limits, high taxes, etc to win over people who are on the fence on this issue. Once legalization becomes a reality for more states then we can push for lower taxes, more home growing, higher/no limits. Common sense my friend.


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