Signatures Submitted to Place Medical Cannabis Legalization Initiative on Missouri Ballot

namNew Approach Missouri has submitted roughly 260,000 signatures on their initiative to legalize medical cannabis, well more than the 167,000 needed to place the measure on this November’s general election ballot.

Under the proposed law, the medical use of cannabis would be legal for those with a variety of conditions – such as cancer, epilepsy, PTSD and migraines – given they receive a recommendation from a physician. Patients would be allowed to possess at least up to six ounces of cannabis (more if suggest by a physician), and cultivate up to six cannabis plants. The measure would also legalize state-licensed cannabis cultivation centers and dispensaries.

In Missouri the medical use of low-THC cannabis oil is legal (as of 2014), but only for those with seizure disorders.

The full text of New Approach Oregon’s initiative can be found by clicking here. It will be officially placed on the November presidential election ballot once the state verifies that at least 167,000 of the 260,000 signatures are valid (from registered Missouri voters, not including any duplicate signatures).

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