Educating MADD

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Educating MADD

In 2010, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) was one of the most vocal and powerful voices opposed to Proposition 19, the failed ballot effort in California which would have legalized cannabis.DUI-Colorado-MADD

In 2011, MADD furthered this misplaced opposition by partnering with the ONDCP (Office of National Drug Control Policy, headed by our nation’s Drug Czar) in a nationally coordinated effort to combat “drugged driving.” In other words; joining forces to oppose common sense cannabis policies, and continuing to spread the same misinformation the ONDCP has become famous for.

In taking this approach, MADD is counteracting their own agenda. By working to defeat the legalization of cannabis, they’re directly responsible for fatalities that could have otherwise been avoided.

It’s unfortunate that they won’t examine recent research: A study released last year by the Institute for the Study of Labor found that states which have legalized medical cannabis saw a drastic 9% decrease in overall traffic fatalities. The largest contributor to this drop, was a decrease in alcohol consumption. The study found that in these states, accidents in which one of the drivers had consumed alcohol was down by 12%.

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[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]In reality, legalized cannabis could be one of the largest weapons to combat drunk driving.[/pullquote]

In 2012, MADD was noticeably quieter with regard to cannabis related ballot initiatives in Washington, Colorado and Oregon. However, we can’t take this as a sign of their future absence, since a much larger national push against cannabis law reform is in the works.

In speaking with a member of MADDs national board of directors, who wishes to remain anonymous and is internally fighting the policy shift, we were told that MADD has plans in the works to label “stoned driving” as a menace as great or greater than drunk driving. A large percentage of their resources will go into opposing future efforts at legalization on the state and national level – a huge mistake, and one that flies directly in the face of their public safety concerns.

Alcohol is the problem, not marijuana.

A study released last year found that states which have legalized medical marijuana have seen a 9% reduction in traffic fatalities, which is due to a simultaneous decrease in alcohol consumption. In these states, accidents where one of the drivers had consumed alcohol, was down over 12%. Alcohol is the problem, not marijuana.

This is where education and objection comes into play. It’s up to us to do our part, to show MADD how unacceptable it is for them to blindly oppose efforts that would actually help their primary cause, a cause that many of us see as noble:

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]We all know the devastation that drunk driving can bring; deterring it is what MADD should stay focused on.[/pullquote]

The science is consistent in showing that cannabis consumption does not lead to an increase in traffic fatalities, and is exponentially safer than alcohol (you can find a list of cannabis driving studies here). Even if this is disagreed upon – though there wouldn’t be much grounding to do so – it’s a fallacy to assume that cannabis legalization will automatically increase the number of “stoned drivers” on the streets. Even if it were to increase cannabis consumption, research indicates that it would lead to a simultaneous decrease in drunk driving.

If you agree that it’s absurd for MADD to be putting resources into fighting the legalization of cannabis, rather than focusing on their objective of deterring drunk driving, make it known to them. Like it or not, MADD is a powerful player in the field of politics, and we need to let them know how we feel. It won’t be an easy feat to get them to understand our side. However, if we approach them with persistence and hard facts, it’s surely possible, and will give a lot of weight to those within the organization who agree with our perspective.

MADD can be contacted a number of ways. We encourage you to use them all, and to urge your friends, family and colleagues to do the same:

Fill out their form regarding their organizational policies and statistics.
• Contact them through their social media outlets, such as their Facebook and Twitter accounts.
• Send them a letter – MADD National Office, 511 E. John Carpenter Freeway, Suite 700, Irving, TX 75062.
• Give them a call – they can be reached at 877-ASK-MADD (275-6233).
• Search for, and get in contact with local MADD branches.

Here is an example letter that can be sent to MADD, and can be altered in any number of ways:

[Today’s Date]


Dear Mothers Against Drunk Driving,


I’m contacting you to ask that you cease your opposition to legalizing cannabis. As a parent, I strongly appreciate the work you do, and have done, towards educating the public on the devastation that drunk driving brings. With that stated, I strongly believe that your opposition to legalizing cannabis is misguided, and counterproductive.

For example: Recent research has shown a 9% decrease in traffic fatalities in states that have legalized medical cannabis – a significant decline. (

The reason for this is simple; these states saw a simultaneous decrease in alcohol consumption. This decrease allowed fatalities to drop at a consistent rate, regardless of the particular state. In addition, scientific research has been consistent in finding that cannabis consumption does not lead to an increase in traffic fatalities, and that it’s less dangerous than alcohol.

Cannabis prohibition has continued to enrich criminal organizations (directly harming public safety), while failing to deter usage rates. I sincerely urge you to reconsider any further opposition towards reforming this policy.

Thank you,
[Your Name Here]

– TheJointBlog


  • chelle viceroy
    March 5, 2013

    Dear MADD
    Hello…And I thank you for your deep concern againest impaired driving…You have made a big difference on the death and injury statisics for many years now…But it is not under complete control, all we as a people that is trying to get along without the violence that we have in our society today…We sure have alot, but that is a moral issue that has been building for years…But getting back to what the purpose is.. There has not been much mention of the prescription drugs that alter a persons ability of actions,honestly they imitate the effects, same as marijuana…you dont hear of a marijuana smoker or one who ingests going out for a six pack…and it usually was three sixpacks that wanted more.. Alchol is a poison, altered by man…And also has a fermented herb, the hop..barley..Marijuana is not altered into a poison at this time that I know of..But Im learning. Like Im asking you too..Please dont throw the baby out with the bath water…Marijuana is a usually herb..Hemp is also a useful plant..And we as a society for some unknown reason. have banned it since the 30s..I for one am a mom..and a grandmom..I know that everytime that they go out anymore into the world. they are at risk..Either they might be shot, held a accident, whatever fate has for them…but i know from experience..that the perpertrater wasnt smoking pot..he was home smoking a joint..peaceful minds Dont Kill…More than likely..they were either drunk… their mind was altered by a manmade chemical, or they were just nuts…but, they probably werent smoking a joint…I could go on about this subject..I believe in you as an organization, you do a great job for many causes, but at the same time, dont be in a hurry to judge a plant, just because you dont understand yet…
    I am a witness of the positive effects of many other patients…there is some people in the population that cant take man made medicine..I gotta go now..In short, Dont Put the Ax On Cannibis.. Educate…Dont Discriminate…Legalize Hemp And THe Right to Grow and Medicate with Cannibis…thank you..

  • Tom Terrific
    March 5, 2013

    Go ahead, keep pot illegal. All us growers and sellers would like the profits! Keep pot on the streets where kids can buy it! And forget about INDUSTRIAL HEMP for E.WA.! Forget about the THOUSANDS of jobs that would have been created in the CANNABIS HEMP INDUSTRY! I’m 60 yrs old. Smoked everyday since I was 13. Own my own home, haven’t been arrested in over 25yrs. No auto accidents or even tickets!
    We the PEOPLE have voted, now let us have our FREEDOM!!

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