Dry herbs vs. concentrates

By Kevin R.

Vaping has become increasingly popular over the last few years and although every other person you meet might already be an experienced vaper, it can be challenging to start your own journey into the wonderful world of vaping.

As a beginner you might feel overwhelmed with all the options available at a vape shop. From size to model to the type of vaporizer, you will certainly have more than enough to choose from. First thing you will need to decide is the type of vape that you want to start out with. There’s generally two options with a third one being a hybrid between these two. Dry herb vaporizer or a vaporizer for concentrate is the first and probably most important choice you will make. The differences between the two can completely change the vaping experience.

Dry herb vaporizers are specifically for vaporizing flowers from the cannabis plant that have been ground to a fine texture. Concentrate vaporizers are for vaporizing concentrates derived from the cannabis plant by means of isolating certain compounds with the use of butane and carbon monoxide. Wax is the term used most commonly when referring to the concentrate that is left over at the end of the extraction process.

A dual use or hybrid vaporizer has the ability to vaporize both dry herbs and concentrates at optimal temperatures without combustion and all the harmful toxins, tar and carcinogens that irritate the lungs and pose health risks.

Since concentrates are isolated, they are far more potent than dry herb. The average dry herb is only 10% to 25% THC whereas concentrates are somewhere between 60% to 80% THC. This of course means that concentrate vaporizers tend to be more cost effective since a single dab can achieve the same high that a much larger quantity of dry herb can. Obviously due to the extraction process and risks involved in making concentrates the price point is significantly higher, but quantities used are much lower.

Flavor preference is also a factor when deciding between dry herbs and concentrates. Dry herbs deliver better flavor profiles and richer aromas than most concentrates due to the loss of terpenes during the extraction process. Terpenes is the compound found in cannabis that produces the distinct smell and taste of the flower.

For medical marijuana users and anyone suffering from chronic pain, concentrates are most likely the way to go. Inhaling vaporized cannabis concentrate is more potent and powerful than inhaling dry herbs and the effects are almost immediate. Vaporizers for concentrates can provide fast and effective pain relief and the psychoactive effects can be avoided by using CBD instead.

Vaporizers for concentrates do offer more in terms of choice but dry herb vaporizers offer a better taste experience. If you still can’t decide between the two, perhaps a hybrid is the way to go.

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