Donor Announces 5-to-1 Match for All Donations to Florida’s Medical Cannabis Initiative

floridamedcanBarbara Stiefel, a medical cannabis supporter in Florida, has given a massive boost of adrenaline to the campaign behind Amendment 2 to legalize medical cannabis, which is up for a vote next month. Stiefel has agreed to match all donations between now and election day 5-to-1. This means that if another donor makes a $1,000 contribution, Stiefel will immediately put in $5,000 of her own money. If a separate donor makes a contribution of $10,000, she’ll put in $50,000, and so on.

“As you may have read.. Sheldon Adelson dropped another $500,000 against us”, says Ben Pollara, Campaign Manager for United for Care, the group behind Amendment 2. “However—thanks to the generosity of a major supporter of Amendment 2, Barbara Stiefel, we now have a way to close the gap quickly.

Barbara has offered to match any donation of any size—5 to 1—from now until election day.”

Pollara continues; “This is another huge opportunity. Your $10 donation means $60 in support of Amendment 2. A $100 means $600. Please donate here to help us launch this new 5 to 1 match and make sure that more people see our TV ads in more markets.”

Those interested in making a donation, or learning more about Amendment 2, can do so by clicking here.

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  1. Followed your link and donated $100. That, plus the matching $500 adds $600 to the total. Score one for The Joint Blog!

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