Do Edibles Smell?  

Do Edibles Smell?  

It’s an undeniable truth: Marijuana has a distinct (though quite varied by strain), and often very strong, odor. This makes it so that for those living in states where it’s illegal, or those who have friends, family or colleagues they don’t want to know about their marijuana use, it can be hard to hide the smell. Even when placed in a sealed bag, sometimes the smell can still finds its way through, and the smell of marijuana smoke can sometimes linger in a room or on clothing for multiple hours.

But what about marijuana edibles? Given there’s no smoking involved, do edibles have a smell?

Does Cooking Edibles Cause a Smell?

The short answer: Yes.

Cooking marijuana edibles, or making items like marijuana butter or oil, will definitely cause a very strong and very noticeable smell to waft throughout your apartment or home. The cooking of the marijuana will release a smell similar to smoking it, though a bit different and sometimes even stronger.

In order to reduce the smell, it’s suggested to turn on the oven fan to full speed before cooking, as well as placing several lit incense sticks or candles around the kitchen and rest of the living space. This will go a long way in masking the smell, though if someone who knows the smell of marijuana comes over it’s still quite possible they could notice it.

Do Cooked Edibles Smell?

Once an edible is cooked, typically the smell if all but removed – though not always.

When purchasing something like a marijuana gummy or hard candy, they almost never have a noticeable marijuana smell – though they do often have a slight marijuana taste. Some items like marijuana cookies may smell very slightly of cannabis, but typically you have to know what you’re smelling for to notice it. And in these instances placing the edibles in a sealed, air-tight container will almost surely  mask the smell in a way that will make it unnoticeable by pretty much anyone.

Some items, however, like marijuana firecrackers, do retain a strong cannabis smell.

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