Different Types Of Grinders For Your Needs

By Mr. Green

Yes – believe it or not, some marijuana users still prefer to finger chop their weed. But that’s a rare kind of stoner who is kind of stuck in the dark ages. The more modern kind of stoner is way more likely to be storing some sort of weed grinder in their survival kit. A grinder makes chopping weed much faster and much more efficient. And depending on what kind of grinder you have, you can store weed or kief for later.

My assumption is that you’re carrying at least one of the grinders that I’ve listed below. Some are better than others, and some are a complete waste of time. So keep reading to become acquainted with the the different kind of grinders, and make sure you buy the right one to keep handy for your smoking convenience!


The plastic grinder

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If you own this grinder it’s likely because you were desperate and cheap at the time that you bought it. This is the worst kind of grinder you can own. It only ever has a chamber for grinding, and plastic doesn’t quite do the job when it comes to getting a good grind. I never recommend this kind of grinder to people. In fact, the only recommendation I have to do with this grinder is get rid of it to make space for a new one!


One chamber metal grinder

This is definitely a step up from the plastic grinder. The thing is that it actually does the job of grinding weed. However, with only one chamber, you lose all of the kief that falls off your weed. It might seem like nothing at the time, but after a long time of grinding, that’s a lot of kief. If you can afford a metal grinder, you can definitely afford to go for a multi-chamber.


Multi-chamber metal grinder

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OK – now we’re getting into the real business of grinders. A multi chamber grinder gives you lots of opportunities for the present smoke as well as future smokes. After grinding, the grinded weed falls into a chamber below which is protected by a screen. There is another chamber below this one which catches all the kief after you’ve ground up your weed. After time, this chamber will become full of kief, which is something like hashish. It is powerful to sprinkle over a joint or cone. If you always use this same grinder, you’ll be surprised how much kief you can collect in just a few months.


Coffee grinder or electric weed grinder

Coffee grinding your weed is the lazy way to grind. No elbow grease is required whatsoever, but the weed definitely gets adequately ground. The problem with electric grinders is that they can grind your weed into a powder, especially if it’s particularly dry weed. Weed that has been ground too fine can be incredibly difficult to smoke in a joint or bong, not really allowing for much airflow to take place. If you choose to go down the road of electric grinders, try not to grind for too long or else you’ll end up with weed pulp!


Rotary crank grinders

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Crank grinders are a lot like metal grinders, except that there’s a rotary crank at the top. This makes it really easy to get the actual grinding done. It’s particularly easy for resin to get caught in the lips of grinders, meaning after some time it can become increasingly difficult to twist the parts in order to grind. Rotary cranks help you avoid this problem, and they work great.

Don’t be stingy on the kind of grinder you eventually choose to buy! Perfectly ground weed is the main ingredient of a perfectly rolled joint, when you think about it. If you’re going to be stingy about a grinder, you might as well join the stone-age-stoners and go back to finger chopping!

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