Marijuana Talk: The Difference Between THC & CBD

By Anderson J.

The legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana in nine states in the U.S. has allowed for a more comprehensive outlook on the federal legalization of medical marijuana because of its positive effects for a number of ailments.

Marijuana is primarily composed of THC and CBD. THC is the component that gets you high, but CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, has been proven to benefit the mind and body in natural ways.

So much so that CBD has made it to the mainstream market, recently being implemented in bath products, lattes, gummies, cocktails, creams, and much more. CBD isn’t just a relaxant though, it’s been known to decrease anxiety, depression, chronic pain, inflammation, and other neurological and physical ailments. The benefits of CBD are diverse and effective, and now many in need have access.

  1. CBD Can Prevent Cancer

Studies have shown that CBD can prevent certain cancers, and even prevent the growth of tumors. There have also been topical treatments developed for skin cancers. While marijuana can help with pain relief and nausea that comes with chemotherapy treatment in cancer patients, CBD can help in even more important ways when it comes to life-threatening diseases.

  1. CBD Can Help Those with Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

CBD is a game changer for those suffering from anxiety and depression. The way that CBD reacts with the brain has shown significant decreases in anxiety, and especially social anxiety, in patients that use it. CBD has also shown its positive effects on decreasing physical and behavioral stress on users.

Especially effective for chronic stress resulting in depression, CBD also helps users suffering with clinical depression and depressive tendencies. Where THC can sometimes heighten symptoms of depression, CBD reacts with the brain in a way that decreases depression by allowing serotonin a clearer path to the brain.

  1. CBD Can Help Those with Chronic Pain

One of the most effective uses of CBD is in treating those with chronic pain. Cannabis has been used to treat pain for centuries worldwide. CBD is actually used most often and most widely to treat patients suffering from pain and is much safer and less addictive than traditionally prescribed painkillers or opioids.

CBD specifically has been known to help patients with rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s, and inflammatory conditions. There are several mediums a patient can take in order to start relieving pain with CBD. A topical salve is the best for skin or joint related pain, but edible CBD is another great form of pain relief. Through, you can also find a discreet vape pen.

  1. CBD Can Help Those with Insomnia

Insomnia is sometimes a symptom of stress and anxiety. Not being able to sleep can affect the body and mind more than you know. CBD has been an efficient treatment for insomnia by allowing for relaxation in order for the patient to restfully sleep.

CBD is a natural way to treat ailments that can affect mental and physical health in the long term without impacting the brain. CBD is one of the best alternative treatments currently on the market.

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