Department of Justice Task Force Recommends Against Attacking State Marijuana Laws

A Department of Justice task force subcommittee on marijuana policy is recommending against attacking state marijuana laws, despite many believing they would do so.

The task force –  whose recommendations are meant to inform ongoing policy decisions – asked for continued study and dialogue on the issue.

“The task force’s recommendations reflect the fact that the Dept. of Justice has more important priorities than harassing legitimate, taxpaying businesses”, says Don Myrphy, who’s the director of conservative outreach for the Marijuana Policy Project. “In states that have approved marijuana for medical or adult use, these businesses are creating jobs, generating revenue, protecting consumers, and making their communities safer.”

Murphy continues; “The vast majority of Americans want the federal government to let states determine their own marijuana policies. We hope the attorney general is paying attention and maintains the current policy of non-interference.”

According to an April poll conducted by Quinnipiac University, 73.5% of U.S. voters “oppose government enforcement of federal laws against marijuana in states that have legalized medical or recreational marijuana.” In the same poll it was found that 94% of U.S. voters support legalizing medical cannabis, and 60% support legalizing cannabis for recreational purposes.

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