Denver Initiative Announced to Allow Cannabis to be Consumed in Bars, Clubs, Etc.

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Denver Initiative Announced to Allow Cannabis to be Consumed in Bars, Clubs, Etc.

jointA new Denver initiative titled the Limited Social Marijuana Consumption Initiative has been announced by Mason Tvert and Brian Vicente, two of the primary backers of Amendment 64 which legalized cannabis in Colorado. The proposal would allow cannabis to be consumed at a variety of venues, including bars and clubs.

Advocates of the initiative have until September 3rd to gather roughly 4,700 signatures to place it on this November’s ballot. If placed on the ballot and approved into law, the initiative would allow cannabis to be consumed at venues where only those 21 and older are allowed to enter, such as bars and adult-only clubs.

“We’re proposing a narrow exemption to Denver’s current ban on social cannabis use by adults,” says Mason Tvert. “It would simply allow adults 21 and older to consume marijuana in designated areas and venues where only adults are allowed. This is allowing adults to have the option to use marijuana in certain venues that choose to allow it.”

Tvert adds that they’re “confident that voters will agree that adults should be able to use marijuana socially in private venues when around other adults”.

“Denver has been overly restrictive,” says attorney Brian Vicente. “We believe that’s unconstitutional.”

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  • paulbender
    June 18, 2015

    This totally makes sence. I mean we can buy at a store like alcohol yet mmj is a medical need for alot. But to deny them their right in an establishment where underage drinking is banned why wouldnt it be the same for mj? I totally agree with this!

  • Eric
    June 19, 2015

    Finally… they want to ticket us for public use, fine us for smoking in our homes (apts, hoas, etc. ), so it only makes sense to really make this “like alcohol” regulation more like alcohol regulation. Tell me where to sign. *Registered Voter*

  • Sheryl Monaco
    June 22, 2015

    I A think That If A Bar Or A Club Want’s A Smoking Section For Marijuana That’s Good! That’s The Way It UsedToBe! Doesn’t Bother Me !

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