Denver: Enough Signatures Collected on Initiative to Allow Cannabis Consumption in Bars, Other Venues

smokeAdvocates of Denver’s Limited Social Marijuana Consumption Initiative, which would allow cannabis to be consumed at locations such as bars and clubs, will submit over 10,000 signatures today, well more than the 4,726 needed to place the measure on this November’s ballot.

“While petitioning, we found that most voters agree adults should be able to consume marijuana socially in establishments that choose to allow it,” says Mason Tvert, one of the people leading the effort. “By allowing adults to consume marijuana in private businesses, we can reduce the likelihood that they’ll consume it publicly in parks or on the street.”

The Denver city clerk now has 25 days to certify the initiative. If enough of the signatures are valid (from registered Denver voters), it will be put to a vote this November. If approved into law, the initiative would allow cannabis to be consumed at venues where only those 21 and older are allowed to enter, such as bars and adult-only clubs.

Polling release last month found that 56% of Denver voters support the Limited Social Marijuana Consumption Initiative.

– TheJointBlog

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