Denver City Council Plans to Decriminalize Cannabis for Those Under 21

On December 23rd, Denver, Colorado’s City Council is expected to unanimously approve a proposal to decriminalize cannabis possession for thoseGod Bud Strain | Cannabis Directory | Strains under 21, according to CBS.

With the passage of Amendment 64 last year, the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis is no longer a crime for those over 21. However, despite this new law, those under 21 caught in possession of cannabis – even a miniscule amount – can still be hit with a drug charge that can stay on their permanent record. To fix this, the Denver City Council is looking to reduce the charge associated with a minor in possession of cannabis to a simple ticket, rather than an arrestable misdemeanor.

“We do not want this age group to be to have their legs cut off before they get started in life,” said City Council Member Albus Brooks, who introduced the proposal; according to the Denver Post, it has already received preliminary approval from the full council.

Those in Denver who want to urge their City Council to give final approval to this measure should contact them through e-mail at, or by calling them at 720-337-2000.


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