Denver Voters Legalize Cannabis Use at Public Venues

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Denver Voters Legalize Cannabis Use at Public Venues

Cannabis UseIn 2012 voters in Colorado gave approval to Amendment 64, legalizing cannabis throughout the state. Despite legalizing cannabis possession, cultivation and retail outlets, it retained the illegality of cannabis being consumed at public venues, even at privately owned businesses. That will soon change, however, as Denver voters have given approval to Initiative 300.

Initiative 300 allows cannabis to be consumed onsite at various adult-only venues. This includes bars, nightclubs and other such outlets. This gives cannabis consumers legal outlets to use the plant outside of a private residence.

The measure was on the November 8th ballot, but it took days for victory to be announced given how close the race was.

Initiative 300’s approval comes as four additional states legalize cannabis for all uses, bringing the total to eight.

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  • michelle
    November 14, 2016

    So while I applaud the decision of the voters to allow use in adult locations was there anything in that bill that removed our right to cultivate mj as citizens? 3 plants flowering (6 plants total) in a locked space on our property?

    • Dusty
      November 14, 2016


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