Denver Initiative to Legalize Cannabis Clubs Headed for November Ballot

Cannabis ClubsProponents of a Denver initiative to legalize cannabis clubs where on-site cannabis consumption could take place have submitted more than twice the required number of signatures required to put the measure to a vote this November.

The Neighborhood-Supported Cannabis Consumption Committee submitted roughly 11,000 signatures on Friday for their initiative, well more than the 4,726 required to put place it on this November’s general election ballot.

“We have seen an overwhelming show of support for this initiative among Denver residents,” says Kayvan S.T. Khalatbari, the initiative’s main sponsor..  ”They are excited about the possibility of providing adults with safe and regulated spaces in which they can consume cannabis in accordance with the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act.”

Khalatbari continues; “Many adults choose to consume cannabis as a safer alternative to alcohol, and they need — and, frankly, deserve — social venues in which they can enjoy it.”

More information about the initiative, including its exact language, can be found by clicking here.

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