Delaware Governor Moving Forward With Medical Cannabis Program

Delaware Governor Moving Forward With Medical Cannabis Program

In 2011 Delaware’s governor signed a proposal into law which legalized medical cannabis in the state, allowing patients to legally possess it, and authorizing a dispensary in each of the state’s three counties.medical-marijuana-logo-hemp-beach-tv-hbtv However, the governor quickly halted implementation of the law, citing concerns over federal law, and fears that the feds would prosecute state employees. Now, the governor has announced that he’s moving forward with the implementation of the law, though he’s calling for a scaled-back approach, with the opening of just one dispensary.

“The sensible and humane aim of state policy in Delaware remains to ensure that medical marijuana is accessible via a safe, well-regulated channel of distribution to patients with demonstrated medical need”, stated Governor Jack Markell in a letter sent today to the chief sponsors of the 2011 medical cannabis measure.

Clearly haven’t such a limited program – with just one dispensary – is a far-cry from supplying patients with appropriate access to their medicine. However, it’s also clearly a step forward to see that some form of safe access may soon be available for Delaware patients.


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