DEA Announces Kratom to Become a Schedule 1 Drug

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DEA Announces Kratom to Become a Schedule 1 Drug


Kratom leaves.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced today that it will be adding kratom to the federal list of controlled substance (Federal Controlled Substances Act). Not only that, they’ll will be making it a schedule 1 drug, indicating that it’s one of the most dangerous substances on the planet.

The move to schedule 1 puts kratom alongside hard drugs such as heroin, though it also puts it in the same category as cannabis. Like cannabis, kratom is a natural substance; it’s a tree that’s indigenous to Southeast Asia. In many countries it’s been used for hundreds of years as a therapeutic substance to relieve stress and other ailments. In the U.S., it’s been legal up until this point, found in many headshops across the country (and easily found on the internet). According to many consumers of the plant, it produces an opioid-like effect.

The DEA’s full announcement on their intent to make kratom a schedule 1 drug can be found by clicking here.

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For a look at why we believe the DEA is making this move, click here.


  • herbwarrior420
    August 31, 2016

    how can they continue to allow dea to add and control the schedule drug list being law enforcement and not MD’s or scientists?????dea doesn’t believe in scientific and medical research studies. do dea employees go to the dea for medical issues????

    • JB
      September 1, 2016

      Preach!! lol. My phone keeps being crazy so sorry if this same comment posted numerous times but Herbwarrior is right.. How can the DEA keep adding shit to the list without any facts, without needing any “approval”…?? They’re not doctors. Like really.. I bet half the DEA smokes bud anyway!

  • Anonymous
    September 1, 2016

    This is nonsense. We have people killing, raping and molesting kids in this country. Why are they worried about Kratom of all things?

    • austin estes
      September 1, 2016

      Its because they dont want people who are sick to get better that means they would lose money right?

  • JB
    September 1, 2016


  • Tina C.
    September 1, 2016

    The DEA needs to be abolished, they do not operate in the best interests of American public! They have a very misplaced idea of what is or isn’t a drug! Nothing scientific about the decisions they make of what has medicinal value and doesn’t! Time to get rid of them along with their war on drugs!!

  • Letalis
    September 3, 2016

    My Dad was a Navy Seal in Vietnam and said he witnessed the DEA smuggling opium and other hard drugs into the USA stuffed inside our fallen soldiers bodies. IN THEIR DAMN BODIES!! Think about it, NO CUSTOMS. They have funneled billions in drugs into this country in some messed up ways and then turn around and make money pretending to ‘enforce’ the laws around it. This action is further BS and proof they need to be reigned in. No tests, no diagnosis and no authority (checks and balances, people!) other than what would be deemed a dictatorship type decision, they added kratom to the federal list of controlled substances. We the People make the rules, not them!!

  • Catman
    September 3, 2016

    Why do I get the feeling that the AMA and Big Pharma is behind this idiotic move?

    I take it for my arthritic neck and it doesn’t make my head want to explode or my stomach feel like I drank battery acid, which the NSAID’s do, nor is it addictive, like Percocet.

    Good enough reasons to ban it from us peons.

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