DaVinci IQ2 vs Pax 3: Who is the King of Portable Vaporizers?

Davinci vs Pax

DaVinci IQ2 vs Pax 3: Who is the King of Portable Vaporizers?

While the portable vaporizer scene has been flooded by cheap imports, vapers looking for a premium expense know that two brands that define luxury in vaping; Davinci and Pax.

These two brands have been the pacesetters in the industry with several pioneering features with other vaporizers playing catch-up.

The Davinci IQ2 and the Pax3 were released around the same time and shared many features, which has left many vapers wondering which to pick between the two. In the battle of the better between these two portable vaporizers, it is all about bells and whistles. How do the two compare?


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Design and build


With the dimensions of 3.87” H x 1.21” W x .85” D the Pax 3 presents a tall and slim profile, compact enough to fit in dainty hands, while the IQ2’s  3.54” H x 1.65” W x .94” D  make it a bit more rotund but shorter such that it conceals better in the average-sized hand. The IQ2 is a bit heavier, weighing 145 grams while the Pax3 weighs 90 grams. You can comfortably carry either of the two in your jeans pocket since they weigh less than many smartphones today.


The IQ2 has a brushed aluminum surface with a sub-surface LED panel running vertically down one broad side, to show the temperature.  The Pax 3 is also made of an aluminum exterior, anodized, and featuring a 3-petal LED that lights up when the vaporizer is in use or charging.


The IQ2 has buttons for powering on/off as well as temperature control, while the Pax3 has only one button hidden under the mouthpiece; much of the control is done on the app. The IQ2’s mouthpiece was redesigned for a more concave profile to make it loading your herb easier.


It is good to note that while both vaporizers will work with dry herbs, the Pax3 is also compatible with wax concentrates. It comes with a concentrate insert for catching the drip. This makes the Pax3 a 2-in-1 vaporizer and more versatile in varying your product. The IQ2 focuses on providing a premium experience with flower buds, which explains the ‘flavor chamber’ that sits between the oven and the mouthpiece. It helps infuse the vapor with more flavor and catches the reclaim as well.


One outstanding feature of the IQ2 is the airflow dial at the bottom. This is a pioneer feature among portable vaporizers. You can use it to regulate the temperature and density of the vapor which supplements app and button control to give highly customized vapes.




The IQ2 has the option of a raised mouthpiece, which is a silicone 10mm straw if you prefer more airflow and less draw resistance. The Pax3 also has the option of a raised mouthpiece, which is made of food-grade silicone to keeps the lips cool.


The IQ2’s vapor pathway is zirconia ending at the silicone mouthpiece while the Pax3 has a stainless-steel pathway ending at the silicone mouthpiece as well. Ceramic takes longer to heat but retains heat better than stainless steel.


Oven capacity


The ‘flavor chamber’ in the IQ2 takes away 1-gram capacity making it 0.25 grams compared to Pax3’s 0.35 grams. The Pax3 also comes with a half-load oven that takes 0.15 grams without compromising the quality of the vapor. You can reduce the load in IQ2 with the use of spacers which are purchased separately.




Both IQ2 and Pax3 use conduction heating to keep their compact forms, but the IQ2 has a higher temperature range 250°F – 430 °F than the Pax3’s range of 355°F – 420°F. The steel build of the Pax3 gives it faster heating up time 20-30 seconds while the ceramic in IQ2 takes 30-40 seconds to heat.


Flavor quality


The two vaporizers give great tasting vapor courtesy of their premium build and customization, however, the IQ2 has a slight edge offered by the flavor chamber, the airflow dial, and zirconia pearl which makes the herb heat evenly. The Pax3 offers great tasting clouds as well but a shorter vapor pathway delivers warmer vapor.




The Pax3 relies heavily on the smartphone app leaving a single button for power on/off.  This is rectified with 60 preset temperature profiles which cover pretty much any style you want. This works if you prefer to set-and-forget.


The IQ2 comes with more onboard controls; power, temp control, smart paths, and boost modes, leaving the finer details to the app. Smart paths are temperature profiles that give you more control over temperature and durations. Say your optimal temp is 370°F – 390°F, but you also want to end with a bang, you could set the smart path to heat up to 370°F – 390°F for 8 minutes and then go up to 410°F – 420°F for another 2 minutes. You can modify smart paths however you want, but you can only do it on the app.


It is also good to note that there is no IOS support for the Pax3 because it came out after Apple had stopped hosting vaping apps on Apple Store. However, you can use older apps without updates. This goes for the Iphone’s IQ2 app as well.


Battery life


Another outstanding feature in the IQ2 is its removable batteries. The battery takes about 4 hours to charge while the Pax3’s battery goes to full charge faster in about 1.5 hours. Pax 3 also lasts longer ~1.5 hrs. (6-8 bowls) while the IQ2 will go 70-90 minutes (3-5 bowls) on a full charge.


Ease of maintenance


The Pax3’s fewer parts make it easier to clean, but cleaning the IQ2 is easy as well. It is recommended to soak the removable parts in isopropyl alcohol for both vaporizers. Make sure to clean after 8-10 bowls.


Which one is a better option?


Before answering this, note the price difference; IQ2 at $295, and the Pax3 at $249.99. While both are high-quality well-crafted vaporizers, their market targets differ. If you don’t feel the pinch and need a luxurious vaporizer with bells and whistles, the IQ2 is your choice. If you need an affordable vaporizer that adequately delivers a premium experience, the Pax3 is your choice. The extra features in the IQ2 give it a slight edge and a price difference as well.

Where to Buy


The Pax 3 vaporizer can be bought from Haze Smoke Shop online with a free gift from the following url: hazesmokeshop.ca/product/pax-3-vaporizer/.

DaVinci IQ 2 can also be bought with a free gift from Haze Smoke Shop online by visiting the following url:


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