County in Colorado Refuses to Enforce Ban on Public Marijuana Consumption

Given that the definition of “public” isn’t specified, a county in Colorado has been refusing to enforce the state’s ban on public marijuana consumption until it’s been further clarified. With no pending legislation designed to define what exactly public display is, tA woman lights a marijuana cigarettehe county could go weeks, months, or even years before the law is enforced.

“Everybody’s in wait-and-see mode,” said Lt. Mike Trombley with Fort Collins Police Services.

Those who have been consuming marijuana in undeniably public areas, such as public parks, have been asked to stop, rather than cited with an infraction; “Smoking in a city park is probably always going to be a public place,” said Trombley. Despite this, he says that they aren’t enforcing marijuana consumption in these places, as they’re “still waiting” for a clear enforcement message.

The same applies for motor vehicles (as long as the person isn’t driving impaired). Trombley points out that smoking in a car is illegal, yet, “We’re saying.. I’m not going to cite you today”.


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