Council Members Planning Measure to Decriminalize Marijuana At Nation’s Capitol

Recent polling out of Washington D.C., which found that an overwhelming 75% of residents support marijuana decriminalization,washington-dc-day-trip has caused quite a stir, and built a large amount of excitement among advocates. The Marijuana Policy Project has announced that they could run an initiative in the city as soon as next year, and NORML’s Executive Director Allan St. Pierre let us know that he, as well, believed that to be the next step. Now, in an attempt to bring about decriminalization in a swifter fashion, Marion Barry and Tommy Wells, both members of D.C.’s City Council, have announced that they plan to file a decriminalization measure as soon as this summer.

“Absolutely it’s time we look at decriminalization of marijuana in the District of Columbia,” stated Wells, who is also a 2014 mayoral candidate, “It’s time we enter the 21st century and stop criminalizing people..  for what is not really a major crime.”

Although the measure would certainly face a challenge in the council, Wells and Barry hope to garner “6 or 7” cosponsors, and are optimistic about its chances.

In the meantime, activists are continuing to formulate a new effort in the district to get an initiative on the 2014 ballot to legalize marijuana, and the district’s first medical marijuana dispensary is set to open soon just blocks from the White House.


2 thoughts on “Council Members Planning Measure to Decriminalize Marijuana At Nation’s Capitol”

  1. Decriminalization is a good first step. It seems that many states are exploring that in 2013. I think that as more people are presented with credible information about the safety profile of cannabis and it’s therapeutic potential for a wide variety of underserved ailments, public opinion will turn at an even faster rate in favor of decriminalization and public opinion. As more cannabis users are starting to share their amazing stories like Joe’s, the public is becoming more open.

    Thank you for your blog! It is a great reference for all who seek to understand this issue.

    Joe, your story touches me. I am so glad that you have found some peace in cannabis and wish you the best.

    I hope you all will connect with us at

    Thank you!

  2. I applaud the efforts of all who are involved in the process of the legalization of marijuana,having been born with severe depression,and having suffered with it my whole life,and having been prescribed numerous so called anti-depressants over the years,this is what I can tell you. Anti-depressant pills don’t work,period. Depression runs in my family,my uncle took anti depressant pills too,all the way up until the day shot himself in 2005. I personally have been prescribed numerous different anti depressants as well,with no relief and many unpleasant side effects. Prozac,Paxil,Serzone,and lithium. They are worthless,and if you or someone you love are currently taking these to treat your depression,then God help you,because that stuff damn sure ain’t going to. The only medicine I have found in 45 years of suffering with this illness which does help,and does grant relief,doesn’t come from a lab. It grows in the ground. It is called Marijuana,and I attribute my survival to it. Depression hasn’t just claimed my uncle,I have actually lost 6 people over the years,all of whom were close to me to suicide from uncontrolled depression. If medicinal marijuana had been made available to them,without prejudice or penalty or threat of being fired from their jobs over it. Then I have no doubt that all 6 would still be alive today. My doctor said that mine is the worst case she has ever seen in her career,and also told me once that 76% of people with depression as severe as mine commit suicide by age 26. I am now 45. I am still here,and my family and friends are not mourning my suicide because of marijuana. That is a fact.
    The deaths of every sufferer of depression and any other illness which marijuana might have saved lies with every politician who refuses to support legalization efforts,or drags their feet about getting onboard with these efforts,or who are currently taking bribes in the form of “campaign contributions”, in exchange for their support to keep it illegal. Such politicians are in my opinion guilty of being the cause of suffering,by withholding that which could grant relief to those in need. Neither I nor the public at large are fooled anymore into believing it’s being done to protect us,or keep the streets safe,or to protect the children,nor any other noble cause. It’s to line their own pockets with the Ill gotten gains of bribery from big businesses who stand to loose money if marijuana,hemp,and the many numerous products and by products which can be produced from them were legalized. People are suffering,people are dying. I have personally witnessed this and can attest to it. How many more must die? How many more,before our government will do what is right,and what should have already been done? To every politician currently refusing to support legalization,or dragging their feet about it I ask,How many more must die before you’ve received enough bribes,bought yourself enough new cars and yachts? How many more?


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