Connecticut Lawmakers Include Marijuana Legalization in Budget Bill

The legalization of marijuana has been included as part of a larger budget bill released today by Connecticut Democrats.

Democratic leaders have included marijuana legalization in a large budget bill released today. Supporters of the provision – which includes Senate President Pro Tem Martin M. Looney (D) –  say it will bring in much-needed tax revenue to the state, which is facing a projected budget gap of roughly $5 billion.

Although the provision is being championed by Democrats, legalization also has Republican support, including Representative Melissa Ziobron, ranking House Republican on the House Appropriations Committee.

“The Democrats’ proposal to regulate marijuana for adults would generate significant new tax revenue in addition to creating jobs for residents and business opportunities for other local industries”, says Sam Tracy, director of the Connecticut Coalition to Regulate Marijuana. “Hundreds of millions of dollars in annual marijuana sales have been taking place in Connecticut each year, and the state has not received a dime in tax revenue.”

Tracy says that; “If the Legislature moves forward with this plan, the state could be bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue within just the next two years. This is not the only reason or the best reason to regulate marijuana for adult use, but it is one of several good reasons.”

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