Connecticut: Incoming Governor Says Marijuana Legalization Will be a Priority Next Year

Connecticut’s incoming Governor Ned Lamont (D) said on Monday that he plans to make marijuana legalization a top priority in 2019.

“It’s going to be one of the priorities we got,” said Lamont when asked about marijuana legalization. “It’s something I would support, and I don’t want the black market controlling marijuana distribution in our state. I think that’s a lousy way to go. Canada, Massachusetts, others are doing it”.

Lamont noted that “That’s going to lead to some enforcement things. In the meantime, we enforce Connecticut laws.”

Earlier this year Connecticut’s Joint Committee on Appropriations voted 27 to 24 to pass House Bill 5394, which would have legalized marijuana for everyone 21 and older. Unfortunately the measure failed to advance further before the legislative session ended, but it gave a clear sign that lawmakers are willing to give the issue serious consideration.

If Connecticut does legalize marijuana next year, they would become the 11th state to do so, following Michigan who passed a legalization initiative during this month’s election.

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