Connecticut House of Representatives Passes Measure to Legalize Medical Cannabis for Children

medcanConnecticut’s House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to expand the state’s medical-cannabis program – established in 2012 – to include those under the age of 18.

Under the proposed law, which now heads to the Senate for consideration, it would allow children with seizure disorders such as epilepsy and other severe neurological conditions and terminal illnesses to use non-smokeable forms of cannabis such as tinctures for medical use, given their child receives a recommendation from their physician and a specialist (such as a neurologist), and has approval from their parents or legal guardians.

The measure was passed overwhelmingly, 129 to 13.

Before passage of the bill Representative Juan Candelaria (D-New Haven) offered an amendment with 16 cosponsors that would have legalized the retail sale of cannabis for everyone 21 and older, though the amendment was eventually withdrawn.

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