Congressmember Blumenauer: Sessions “Unfit” to Serve as AG, “Must Go”

Following yesterday’s revelation that Sessions lied during his confirmation hearing, Congressmember Earl Blumenauer has called for his immediate removal from office.

Congressmember Earl Blumenauer.

“The news that Jeff Sessions lied under oath about contacts with Russian officials during the campaign only further confirms what we already knew — he is unfit to serve as Attorney General”, said Blumenauer, who is a staunch supporter of legalizing marijuana, something Sessions strongly opposes. “He should resign his position, and if he doesn’t resign, he should be fired.”

Blumenauer continues; “He’s said it himself, those who commit perjury should be removed. We now have strong evidence that Sessions presented a knowing and deliberate falsehood under oath during his confirmation hearings when he denied contact with the Russian Ambassador during the Trump campaign.”

Blumenauer notes that; “This administration’s connections with Russia are beyond troubling. I’m not going to stop demanding we get answers. I’m not going to stop demanding there be an independent commission to investigate just how deep this goes. I’m not going to stop demanding we see Donald Trump’s tax returns, which would also shed some light.”

Blumenauer ends by stating, very simply; “I’m not going to stop.”

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