Companion Bills to Legalize Cannabis Filed in Tennessee

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Companion Bills to Legalize Cannabis Filed in Tennessee

Companion bills tennesseeto legalize the possession of cannabis for recreational purposes have been filed in Tennessee’s House and Senate.

Representative Harold Love has filed House Bill 873, and Senator Jeff Yarbro has filed Senate Bill 1211. Both measures would legalize the possession of up to a half an ounce of cannabis, with individuals able to legally transfer the substance from one adult to the next as long as money isn’t involved.

Both bills would also reduce the penalty for the personal possession of over half an ounce from a felony with a potential 1 to 6 year prison sentence, to a misdemeanor with a maximum fine of $100.

If passed into law, the proposals would take effect on July 1st.

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  • Smoke Prone
    February 17, 2015

    The only better news there can be is if this bill is enacted.

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