Community “Heartbroken” After Washington Budtender Found Deceased, Two of Three Suspects in Police Custody

A budtender from Lucid Cannabis Company in Cheney, Washington has been found deceased after being abducted.

Cameron Smith
(Photo: Sofia Jaramillo, Leafly)

Cameron Smith’s body was discovered by Spokane County Rescue just off State Route 904 west of Cheney, on September 15 around 3 p.m., states Leafly. Police described the location of Smith’s body as being “concealed in heavy cover” several feet from the roadway. This was near where authorities last made contact with Smith’s cell phone and slightly south of where his vehicle was located.

According to Stacia Shirley, manager at Lucid, says the team is “heartbroken” from the news. “We’re just trying to push forward with a strong face, and that just shows what a strong influence he was on us. He would want us to stay strong,” she says.

36-year-old Donovan Culps was apprehended on Thursday in 240 miles south of Cheney in Goldenbale, which is close to the border of Washington and Oregon. Culps was arrested after leading police on a chase and eventually crashing into a tree. He is currently in Klickitat County Jail awaiting charges of first-degree kidnapping, first-degree robbery and first-degree murder.

Law enforcement also apprehended Alisha Jackson, 18, who was presentduring the abduction. A suspect, 18-year-old Violetta Culps, has yet to be apprehended.

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