Common Rookie Mistakes That First-Time Vapers Make

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Common Rookie Mistakes That First-Time Vapers Make

Everyone is a newbie at some point and when new to any hobby it is easy to make mistakes or miss out on opportunities. Common errors can be easily avoided if you have advance warning which is where this article comes in. Keep reading to learn about common mistakes, how to avoid them and top tips for getting the most out of your new vaping hobby.

Choosing a Device That is Not Suitable

The good news is that you can choose between a wide range of e-cigarette kits, and the bad news is that you can pick from a wide range of e-cigarette kits. It can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the choice. The important thing for beginners to know is that vaping devices vary from easy to use and user-friendly to those that are advanced and complex to adjust. The best bet when just starting out is to choose a basic starter kit.

A basic starter kit comes with everything you need to get started, other than e liquids (although some might have a few starter bottles in). You charge your device up, fill the tank with e liquid and vape. Instructions for getting started will be included. Some vapers stay with basic kits long-term while some decide to try something more advanced. Start small and work your way up.

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Not Experimenting With Flavours

You might have purchased a single e juice with your vaping kit, and are happy with how it tastes. While that is great, it doesn’t mean that you should stop experimenting with flavours. The market offers hundreds of different flavours, which means you have a lot of options to choose from.

Experimenting with different flavours doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, you can pick cheap Vampire Vape liquids that come in fruity, minty, sweet, and other tastes all at a very affordable price. Vampire Vape e liquids are actually a very good place to start as they offer premium quality e liquids are budget-friendly prices. Just because you are new to vaping doesn’t mean that you should settle for something less than great quality.

Don’t go overboard and buy boxes full of different e liquids but do experiment with dessert flavours, drink e liquids, fruits, menthols, sweet e liquid flavours and some of the more curious and exotic mixtures Vampire Vape are known for.

Not Priming and Taking Care of Coils

If you are using a beginner’s kit, you will probably replace the whole kit rather than change coils and wicks. Slightly more advanced devices will require replacing coils if your device uses a standard tank. You need to be careful with your coils otherwise you’ll end up with a mouthful of a burnt-tasting vapour or burnt-out coils that need replacing prematurely.

To prime your coils (get them ready) make sure there is enough e liquid in the tank to completely cover the coil. Leave it to absorb fully for a good few minutes and you are good to go.

Similarly, don’t let your tank run too dry before refilling with e liquid or you’ll run the risk of nasty-tasting burnt coils. Be proactive with your e cigarette maintenance from the start and you’ll avoid many common mistakes and enjoy a great vaping experience.

Going Too High with Nicotine

One of the worst mistakes you can make when vaping is to choose an e liquid with too much nicotine. Try and stay with the same amount of nicotine you were used to when you were smoking or less. Too high an amount or more than you are used to can make you feel very sickly, give you headaches and overall make you feel very poorly. It is better to be cautious with the nicotine level and increase it gradually if needed than go too high and put yourself off vaping for life.

Not Charging Your Device

It is important to remember to keep your e cigarette batteries charged. If they run out when you are away from home you will not be able to vape. Invest in some spare batteries (carry these in a case, not loose for safety) and if you travel a lot a travel/in-car charger might be advantageous. Only ever use the right charger for the type of batteries that you have. Battery safety is very important as e cigarette batteries are powerful lithium batteries, much like the ones found in mobile phones.

These are good tips for avoiding newbie vaping mistakes. Once you’ve got to grips with these you will be a newbie no more.

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