Colorado Task Force Decides Cannabis Legal For All, Not Just Residents

Colorado’s cannabis task force – set up by Amendment 64 to recommend regulations to the legislature for legal cannabis sales – voted today to approve an amendment that would maintain the legality of out-of-state individuals using and purchasing cannabis. Opponents had hoped for the task force to vote in favor of requiring legal purchasers of cannabis to be state residents.

sitemgr_photo_544“Imposing a residency requirement would almost certainly create a black market for recreational marijuana in the state,” stated Colorado Rep. Dan Pabon, who’s a member of the task force.

This recommendation comes with two caveats; the task force voted to recommend that Colorado erect signs in airports and along borders telling visitors that it’s illegal to bring their cannabis back home. The task force also agreed that visitors to the state should have a smaller purchase limit than one ounce that residents will be able to buy. The exact limit will be voted on at a later date.

Also discussed at the task force’s meeting today was whether it should be mandatory for individuals to enclose their cannabis plants in greenhouses, or whether a simple fence is enough (Amendment 64 legalized the growing of up to 6 plants by those 21 and over), and whether individuals should be able to smoke on their porch in public view.

An agreement couldn’t be made on either, prompting them to delay the vote until a later date.

The task force has until February 28th to make its final recommendations to the state’s legislature.

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3 thoughts on “Colorado Task Force Decides Cannabis Legal For All, Not Just Residents”

  1. So I can visit Co. blaze up but not on my friends porch? Do I have to hide somewhere (in his house, lights off, pull the blinds)? Your free Colorado! Just don’t be seen!

    • It would be so nice to be able to come to your state, and light up on your porch also…We need to Legalize… In All States… the Right to Grow and Use Cannibus as consenting adults…I am from Colorado..And we still cant buy,unless we have a medical card..Its hard, and confusing, but its a beginning..Lets get your State Legal too. Fellow Toker

  2. Love what Colorado is doing to break New Ground in the Battle against the Drug War. My Wife and I are looking into moving to Colorado as soon as possible. We live in Texas at this time and Love what Colorado is doing in the Legalization of Marijuana. We also have the page for Genesis 1:29 on Facebook the link is Drop in and “Like” our page to show your support. Thanks for being so Ground Breaking.


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