Colorado State Fair Approves First Medical Cannabis Booth

Despite medical cannabis being a constitutional right in Colorado since 2000, the Colorado State Fair has continually refused to allow any cannabis-related booth to be placed within the festival. Now, lcpn_ringess than a year after voters approved recreational cannabis legalization (through Amendment 64), the fair has changed its mind, and has approved a booth to be ran by the Cannabis Patients Network Institute.

The Colorado State Fair typically garners roughly half a million visitors every year, assuring that the Cannabis Patient Network will have an unprecedented mainstream audience before them to educate.

According to Regina Nelson, Director for the Cannabis Patient Network Institute, they are “a national organization focused on education of the endocannabinoid system and cannabis as medicine.”

The Colorado State Fair runs from August 23rd, to September 2nd.


2 thoughts on “Colorado State Fair Approves First Medical Cannabis Booth”

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