Colorado Senate Votes 34 to 1 to Allow Medical Marijuana for PTSD and Acute Stress Disorder

Colorado’s full Senate has voted to allow those with post traumatic stress disorder and acute stress disorder to legally use medical marijuana.

Senate Bill 17-017 passed the Senate with a 34 to 1 vote.¬†Senator Kent Lambert (R) cast the sole “No” vote. The measure has been sent to the House of Representatives, and assigned to the State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Committee. Passage through the House will send it to Governor John Hickenlooper for consideration.

According to its legislative summary; “The bill creates a statutory right to use medical marijuana for a patient with acute stress disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder. The bill creates the same rights, limitations, and criminal defenses and exceptions as the constitutional right to use medical marijuana.”

Senate Bill 17-017 is sponsored by Senator Irene Aguilar and Representative Jonathan Singer. It it becomes law, Colorado would join Minnesota, New Jersey, Michigan, California, Illinois, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Arizona, Washington, Rhode Island and Oregon as states that allow those with PTSD or acute stress disorder to legally use medical cannabis.

Click here for the full text of the measure.

3 thoughts on “Colorado Senate Votes 34 to 1 to Allow Medical Marijuana for PTSD and Acute Stress Disorder”

  1. I don’t understand why this measure was necessary in a state with legalized cannibus use already for all adults.

    • Hi,

      It’s important because patients have different possession and cultivation limits than recreational users, and they are also allowed to purchase their cannabis tax free in most instances.

  2. I am a Vietnam Veteran I don’t understand the hold up…Cannabis may not help all but does help a lot, but because it’s not legal a lot Veterans won’t try it which for something that hasn’t killed anybody vs liquor, tobacco and pharmaceuticals is mind boggling. Self medicating with Cannabis over 50 years. Inline skater, Skier and Cyclist yeah it does help.


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