Colorado Regulators Are Finding it Hard to Cope with Cannabis-Infused Foods

brownWeed has been popular since time immemorial and there is no denying the fact. Youngster around the globe medicate on marijuana in a number of ways, ranging from bongs to pot-brownies, of course the most popular one still remains consuming it through a joint. But, when you mix marijuana with something like a brownie safety of the food becomes a concern. This is exactly the issue that the regulators in Colorado are struggling at the moment, especially now that the state of Colorado has already legalized recreational use of marijuana mainly thinking about growing and blowing.

Cannabis-Infused Food Products

The present scene is different food products like truffles, butter, granola bars, sodas and many others come infused with THC, which is the chemical in cannabis that is responsible for giving you the high you get, are easily available to be purchased by common people.

Federal Law Still Considers Weed to be Illegal

The problem of course is that Marijuana still continues to be an illegal drug as per federal law. This also means that the present system of food safety, which heavily depends on support from different federal agencies, can’t make sure that food items infused with marijuana are safe. Purveyors of pot-laced foods are saying that they are looking for regulation.

Education and marketing Director at Dixie Elixirs, a manufacturer of food products infused with THC, Christie Lunsford stated that they were under a microscope. He said that even his competitors who are rather new in the market, really care for providing for their consumers and their safety.

Many New Businesses Are Entering Cannabis Industry

This has created new opportunities and demand for businesses such as CannLabs, which is a facility in which chemists pick apart marijuana products for finding out if they are safe enough for eating or smoking. The owner of the company, Genifer Murray, is also hoping to see a boom in business very soon. She said that CannLabs earlier started in a workspace of around 150 square-meters, which was about 500 and now they were moving to 2,000+.

More Legal Regulations to be Brought into Effect This Year

New state rules are expected to go into effect sometime this year, which would require the businesses to get their weed infused food products tested in labs such as Murray’s. So far, tests for food-borne pathogens, potency and mold were voluntary, which means only few of the manufacturers did these tests. Murray claims that the new potency standards expected to come out soon would prevent novices to consume too much of marijuana infused food products in one sitting.

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