Colorado Recreational Cannabis Application Process Opens to Everyone 21+

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Colorado Recreational Cannabis Application Process Opens to Everyone 21+

For the first six months of legalized cannabis sales in Colorado – which began on January 1st – only those already operating a medical cannabisapp facility were able to apply for a license to be a recreational cannabis producer or distributor. However, the rules change beginning today, July 1st. Now anyone 21 and older can apply for a license, and cannabis outlets won’t be required to also be a medical cannabis dispensary.

The move is expected to greatly increase the number recreational cannabis outlets throughout the state. Currently there are just a few dozens locations that sell recreational cannabis. Over 300 people have filed notices with the state that they intend to apply for a recreational cannabis business license today; the notice is optional, so the number of actual applicants is expected to be considerably higher.

Although only a limited number of recreational cannabis outlets are open, there were $22 million of recreational cannabis products sold in Colorado in the month of April, which garnered over $3.5 million in taxes for the state.



  • victoria dawson khan
    July 2, 2014

    22 million in product sales and 3.5 million in sales tax from LIMITED number of recreational dispensaries and all in ONE MONTH …. OHIO… GET A CLUE..

  • tim moses
    July 2, 2014

    If it wasn’t for medical marijuana, I would be gone fromPTSD

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