Colorado Legislature Unanimously Passes Hemp Animal Feed Bill

A bill directing the Colorado¬†Department of Agriculture to study the feasibility of allowing farmers to use hemp in animal feed has passed the state’s legislature unanimously.

hemp animal feedSenate Bill 17-109 was passed by the House of Representatives today with a unanimous 63 to 0 vote; it passed the full Senate last month, also unanimously. The proposal now goes to Governor John Hickenlooper for consideration.

Below is the official summary of Senate Bill 17-109:

The bill creates a group under the commissioner of agriculture to study the feasibility of including hemp products in animal feed. The group includes a hemp producer, a hemp processor, a legal expert, a person from an institution of higher education who has studied hemp policy, a veterinarian, a livestock producer, and any other person the commissioner determines would facilitate understanding the legal, practical, or business considerations. The group will make recommendations by December 31, 2017.

In 2015 Washington state lawmakers gave approval to a similar bill in 2015.

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