Colorado House Passes Regressive Measure to Reduce Marijuana Grow Limits

Colorado’s full House of Representatives has passed House Bill 1220 through its second reading.

The measure will need to be passed through one more reading before being sent to the Senate for consideration. According to its official summary, the bill “places a cap on the number of plants that can be possessed or grown on a residential property at 12 plants in the aggregate, with 6 or fewer being mature.”

The measure would also set a limit of 12 plants for medical marijuana patients and primary caregivers. Patients who cultivates more than 12 plants “must cultivate the plants in compliance with applicable city, county, or city and county law.”

Colorado currently allows patients to grow up to 99 plants, by far the highest limit in the country. Although the grow limit for recreational use is six plants per person, multiple people can currently join together to grow more than that in a single residence, which House Bill 1220 would limit.

Click here for the full text of the proposal.


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