Colorado Cannabis Committee Meets This Friday

As a way of helping to streamline the process of forming regulations now that Amendment 64 has passed in Colorado, lawmakers recently established a joint committee (meaning it contains members of both the House and Senate) to formulate legislation.

The Denver Channel.
The Denver Channel.

The committee will have the responsibility of taking the recommendations put forth by Colorado’s marijuana task force (established by the governor), as well as input from the public, and turning that into bills that will then be considered by the state’s legislature.

The committee, according to the Denver Post, has officially set its first meeting date, which will take place this Friday, March 15th, at 1:30PM. They’ll meet again the following Friday, March 22nd. The group will have until March 29th to propose legislation.

The committee will consist of 5 Democrats, and 5 Republicans. Democrats have appointed Reps. Dan Pabon, Jonathan Singer, Jenise May, and Senators Cheri Jahn, Gail Schwartz, and Jessie Ulibarri. Republicans have yet to choose their appointees.

Colorado’s marijuana task force will be holding a press conference tomorrow to release a report on their proposed recommendations.

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