New Bipartisan Colorado Bill Would Legalize Marijuana Deliveries

New legislation in Colorado would legalize the delivery of marijuana by licensed businesses to anyone 21 and older.

Marijuana DeliveriesSenate Bill 192 would allow for medical marijuana dispensaries and recreational cannabis outlets to deliver marijuana to their customer’s homes, so long as they apply for and receive a delivery license from the state.

The measure was filed by Representative Jonathan Singer (D), and is cosponsored by Representative Jovan Melton (D) and Senator Tim Nelville (R). According to Singer, the measure is modeled after a law recently passed in Oregon that legalized cannabis deliveries.

“This hopefully solves some of the problems as it relates to people concerned about marijuana DUIs or sick patients who don’t have access to dispensaries,” Singer recently told the Cannabist.

The measure would limit the amount of daily marijuana businesses could delivery to one ounce per customer for recreational outlets, and two ounces per customer for medical dispensaries.

If passed into law, delivery licenses for dispensaries would be distributed by January of next year, while licenses for recreational outlets would be distributed by January of 2019.

The measure has been assigned to the Senate Business, Labor, & Technology Committee.


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