Colorado: $112 Million of Legal Cannabis Sold in June

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Colorado: $112 Million of Legal Cannabis Sold in June

Legal Cannabis SoldThere was $112 million of legal cannabis sold in Colorado in the month of June, an over 30% increase from June of 2015.

Of the $112 million of cannabis sold, $74 million was from recreational cannabis outlets, and $38 million was from medical cannabis dispensaries. The recreational sales mark a 47% increase from last year, while medical sales grew by 8%.

Sales of concentrates are on the rise more than anything else, with a 73% increase in June of this year compared to June, 2015. Now concentrates make up 24% of total sales (compared to 18% last year).

“The June numbers reflect the profound and sustained boom going on in the cannabis industry in Colorado,” says Roy Bingham, CEO of BDS Analytics, a research firm out of Boulder. “Month after month our data reveals heightened retail sales.”

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So far in 2016 there has been roughly $600 million in legal cannabis sold, putting the state on track for a year-end total of $1.2 billion.

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