CNBC to Air Documentary on “Colorado Pot Rush”

This Wednesday, February 26th at 10PM ET/PT, CNBC will air a one-hour documentary titled “Marijuana in America: Colorado Pot Rush,” reportedcnbc by NBC News Correspondent Harry Smith. We were sent a copy of the program early, and after watching it, we strongly encourage everyone to do the same.

The documentary puts the focus squarely on Colorado, the official first state in the U.S. to legalize recreational cannabis. During the course of the documentary, Harry Smith looks at multiple angles associated with the recent move, and does so without the typical media bias that’s often present in cannabis-related documentaries that air on mainstream television. We came away impressed with the impartiality shown by the program, and the program’s host.

A strong early focus is put on the growing industry surrounding recreational cannabis; a cannabis tourism company is spotlighted, as are several other cannabis-related businesses and events. Through its presentation of these companies and events (and the movement as a whole), the documentary does a great job of pointing out that all types of people consume cannabis and are involved in this new industry, not just stereotypical “stoners”. We couldn’t be more thankful of this.

The documentary, as you would expect, does include interviews with opponents of the new law, but they aren’t given the focus, and are actually quite few and far between, especially early in the program.

We recommend a viewing when it airs.


3 thoughts on “CNBC to Air Documentary on “Colorado Pot Rush””

  1. I’m 57, I have smoked pot since I was 13, for many years until I was probably around 24. I still like to Get high every now and then, but I know it dumbed me down a lot. My boyfriend probably smokes at least 2 fatties a day of very potent weed, and the cumulative ( as well as instant and constant ) effect on his ability to concentrate or remember anything sucks!!

  2. I could not help but notice the dark raccoon like eyes of the fellow that writes a column on Michael. Also noticed them on guy who has led the charge to legalize mj. Strange


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